Friday, May 13, 2011

Story of the Dr

It was a cold night in Pune. Pratim and her friends Reeti, Jaya and Nisha were chatting after a heavy dinner. Since it was a friday evening the long gossips were on. The guppe sessions were almost about to cease, suddenly Jaya fainted. Immediately they sprinkled water on Jaya’s face and she became conscious. But she was feeling some kind of wired pain in her head. They did not know what had happened, as it had never happened with Jaya. Panic stuck everyone; it was almost midnight and did not know how to approach a doctor at this time. Suddenly something stuck Pratim “There is a Doctor in our colony, he is just two blocks away”. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. They were proud of Pratima’s presence of mind. So Pratima and Reethi ran to fetch the doctor and Nisha stayed back to look after Jaya as her pain was getting worse. Both of them were running short of breath, they rang the door bell of Dr Kulkarni’s house. A small girl opened the door. She was shocked to see the girls and in such breathless state. By the time they had asked for Dr Kulkarni, the Doctor himself came out.

Pratima – “D…oct….rrrrr, my friend, my friend she fainted suddenly and has very bad pain in her head”

Reethi (added) – “She is not even able to stand up doctor…we do not know what has happened to her..”

Dr Kulkarni (interrupted) – “Oh that’s bad…..”

Reethi – “We are very sorry to disturb you at this time Doctor”

Pratima – “Doctor, could you please come with us for some first aid”

He was surprised on hearing this.

Dr Kulkarni – “What!!!!!!!!!!??????”

Reethi and Pratima were baffled on Doctor’s reaction……

Before the girls could imagine anything, he leapt forward and said

Dr Kulkarni – “Sorry girls, it’s not that I do not want to help your friend, it’s just that I cannot”

Again a wave of confusion stuck them.

Pratima – “Sir, you are Dr Kulkarni right”

Dr Kulkarni – “Yes, I am Dr Kulkarni, but I am not a Doctor as in a medical doctor I am a Doctorate in History. I am a History Professor”

Reethi was cursing Pratima in her mind JJ for this foolish act

All is well when the end is well. Doctor of History was a gentleman, he did offer to help them, but not by giving medicines, but by driving Jaya to the nearest hospital which was open 24X7. Pratima was really embarrassed of her idiocy. The girls thanked Pratima oops kicked Pratima and thanked their Dr Kulkarni was that timely help.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

True horror story of NIT Surat

It was the year 2006. The incessant Surat rains had stopped and the croaking of frogs finally ceased. Winter was about to begin, gusty winds were blowing. That day Kasturba Bhavan was unusually silent after 9.30. Usha, Melly and Pratima were chatting. That night the topic of discussion was about ghosts. As they had watched “Vastu Shaastra” directed by Ram Gopal Verma; few days back and they were inquisitive to know more such incidents. Usha had one incident about college and she started off with the narration. “The story goes something like this. On the deserted way to our college’s boy’s hostel, there is an old well. Ghosts were rumored to be inside that well, as few have committed suicide falling inside.” The story teller Usha was interrupted by Reeti (Friend of theirs). She came to join the hot discussion. Once she entered the room, she stared feeling the heat and removed the jacket and placed it on Usha’s cot. Usha continued with her ghost narration “Guys say they have heard voices from the well at night times. They tend to avoid that route to the other hostel because of this.” Melly had one incident to narrate on her part “In piplod area there is this famous bhoot banglow, the house has not been inhabited for the past 20 years as some one committed suicide and people who went after that incident had to leave as they faced lots of troubles”. Every one seemed to be curious to listen to such stories during night time, its even more thrilling to listen with tube lights turned off and only having zero watt bulbs turned on. From the story the topic looped to movies like “Vaastu Shaastra”, ”Bhoot” “The Ring Part-1”, and “The Ring Part-2” kicked off. Every one seemed to be of the view that these movies were not all that scary. They were of the opinion that these movies had screams, ugly distorted faces depicting ghosts, blood and darkness. The chat continued till 2am in the morning. The four girls spoke until they became tired of speaking. Except for these 4 brave ghost finders every one was fast asleep. Soon Reeti left the room. Usha and Melly slept the moment they fell on their bed, on the contrary Pratima was awake. The hostel had a deadly silence. One could hear those feeble sounds which is other wise not heard in that bustling hostel. Pratima is called kumbakaran of the batch, as she doses off to sleep the moment she is on bed. Alarms of different types have failed to wake her up. On the contrary that day she was hardly getting any sleep and was disturbed by those noises. Gentle breeze was blowing. Suddenly a different kind of a sound was heard. The sound was aloud and she was able to hear it distinctly inside the room. The sound heard was that of an anklet (Read it Chal chal….). Neither she nor her room mates wore an anklet. Pratima had scenes flashing from all ghost movies before her eyes. This sent a chill down her spine. Fear gripped Pratima started sweating. That cool breeze only made the sound even more audible. If nobody was wearing an anklet, where was the sound coming from? With every stroke of that anklet her heart beat kept on increasing. She was palpitating. She could not believe it. It was not a night mare. The sound was real, the fear was real, and the sweat was real. Scenes she saw in movies like “Vaastu Shaastra”, ”Bhoot” was turning out to be real. Her eyes tightly closed, hands firmly clasped, trying to calm down. Everything was in vain; she was getting choked in that airy room. She was gasping and was panting for air, finally she screamed “uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuushaaaaa”. The loud scream made her roomies jump from their beds, switch on the lights and rush towards Pratima. They were panicking not knowing what made her scream. They calmed her, held her hands and gave her little water. Pratima nervously said “I I heard some weird sound (in a stammering way); somebody is inside the room wearing anklets”. Usha and Melly were not able to hear any such sound. Pratima kept on insisting on the fact that she heard the sound. Their detective prowess was now visibly evident. They decided to be silent, and went on to search the sound’s origin. They started to search nook and corner of the room. Pratima was opening the wooden cupboards; with every door she was opening she felt there is a girl inside wearing an anklet. To her surprise no one was found. Suddenly Melly’s sight caught something unusual near Usha’s bed. What she saw was, Reeti’s fur jacket was hanging from the iron rod. The jacket’s zipper has an adjustable rope at the end, which had small bells attached as fashionable stuff. This bell was striking the iron rod when ever the gentle breeze blew and our Pratima mistook that bell’s sound to be anklet’s sound. What an imagination!!!!! When Melly noticed it, she came and pounced on Pratima, Usha also joined her. That night’s sleep went for a toss because of the confusion created by Pratima and her anklet sound. It was already 3.30 am. Feel like hitting Pratima??????? Well lemme reveal something, that Pratima is none other than me. Now the rest of characters can be guessed easily J

Monday, March 28, 2011

The 'Food' Connection.............

I have seen my mom, mom in law, granny and aunties feeding the crows, before anyone in the house get to taste the delicious food. Till few days back I had hardly taken any interest in feeding these birdies. For weeks back I was given the reins of the kitchen and as it’s customary I fed the birds. Later I got on with my work and never bothered to look if the birds savored the food or not. The next day I completely forgot to feed the crows, after the usual feeding time I could hear some loud cry of crows. A couple of them were on the balcony standing on the place where we keep the food and were eagerly waiting to be served. They were calling out for us to nosh them. I damned myself on my forgetfulness. Immediately I served them with some rice and ghee. The moment they saw me nearing me they flew away. I knew they were afraid of me, so I placed the food and left them in their privacy. Today somehow I was curious to know what happened after. It’s not just the crows; they were later joined by squirrels, sparrows, pigeons and some unknown species of birds. It was so amazing to watch them eat one after another (a rare sight to see in humans). When the squirrels are feeding on the rice, the crows would silently sit and watch, would not disturb the little ones. The striped ones would cutely take the food on both their hands and merrily gobble them. On the other hand when the crows are feasting on their meal, the squirrels would disturb them, in spite of their petite built they would not mind confronting the mighty crows and the crows are so timid that they silently pave way. The next day I noticed that the squirrels do not disturb the pigeons when they are eating. I really did not understand why the squirrels were nice with the pigeons and not the same with the crows. It’s a lovable sight to watch the get together of these birds and animals. The interaction and understanding between them is complex and is beyond my understanding. For a few days the routine continued. I enjoyed watching them daily. Again one day I heard loud crying of crows, this time I could faintly hear other cries also. I did remember feeding them in the morning, but I guess I fed them less than the usual amount so they were again hungry in the afternoon. The way they demanded for food some made me feel some kind of closeness with them. The very next moment I ran to kitchen. This time when I was placing the food none of them moved. They were not afraid of me anymore. The silent relationship blossomed into a friendly one. They showed that they were friends with me by not being formal any more. As the departure date is closing in, this time I am not just going to miss my family and friends but also my new found friendship.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Unsung women sport stars

Wrote this article 2 years back, now adding it to my blog.
This article was published in hindu open page 2 years back.

How many of us know these names “Suman Bala, Mithali Raj, Mamta Kharab, Neetu David, Surinder Kaur, Jhulan Goswami”? Probably none! They all are our unsung Indian women sport stars, who have earned glory for India in the field of hockey and cricket.

It is not our fault that we do not know them; it is because they don’t endorse, they don’t have big sponsors, their matches are not relayed, their posters are not printed, newspapers don’t sing their achievements and no award ceremonies. In spite of all these, they play for our country with the same passion and did us proud without expecting much in return.

In 2002, Indian girls had a tough cricket tournament against the British. Against all odds our “women in blue” proved themselves on foreign soil. The 19-year-old Mithali Raj set the Taunton ground ablaze with her spectacular world record double century and world record 7th wicket partnership with Jhulan Goswami.

Mithali is the fifth person to record a double century in the history of women’s cricket. The star performer of the match Jhulan Goswami took 10 wickets with her lethal bowling. She is also the first Indian woman to do so. The Indian men’s cricket team took almost four decades to record their first Test series win in England; the eves have done it in half the time.

Their relentless efforts took them to the finals of the 2005 Women’s World Cup in South Africa. Unfortunately they lost the finals to the Aussies but their glorious efforts did not receive any attention. Whereas the Indian men’s cricket team also lost their finals in the World Cup but the treatment meted out was different. “The sport is the same but the treatment of women is different. The rules of the game are the same, but the revenue is different.”

The state of women’s hockey, “our national sport,” is even more pathetic. In hockey our women players are kept in the dormitory of the stadium, they wash their own clothes (uniforms) to wear for the next match. In 2004, the women’s team won the Asia Cup against Japan.

The win did not have any significant impact on their lives. They are stars for one day. Guess what they got after winning the Asia Cup? Rs 25,000 each. The men’s hockey team on the other hand was given Rs 1.5 lakh by Sahara India Parivar for the same achievement. In 2005, the men’s hockey team dumped, but our female stars won a four-nation tournament in Singapore outclassing South Korea in the finals.

On September 5, 2007, the men’s cricket team registered a victory against the English team at Oval to equalise the series and the women’s hockey team registered a victory against Singapore in Asia Cup to top Pool-A. Both the teams had performed excellently. Both were international level matches.

The next day leading news channels hyped the cricket team’s victory. No doubt they performed well, but the victory of the hockey team was not even mentioned in any of the channels. The news channels gave importance to Shilpa Shetty’s fashion show but they failed to highlight the women hockey players’ achievement.

On one hand we have our “men in blue” enjoying all perks and privileges of being a national player. They are entitled to travel in business class even within the country, big sponsors’ names sported on team uniforms, palatial hotels to stay, n number of television channels telecasting their matches, a plethora of awards given away and exorbitant match fees.

On the other hand our “women in blue” travel in sleeper class, hardly find sponsors. No TV channels relay their matches. The awards and rewards are not on a par with their male counterparts. Both in hockey and cricket women players face difficulties in finding a job unlike their counterparts who hold lucrative jobs in big companies.

Women in these sports give their heart and soul even after these problems; it’s time for our politicians, sports ministers to pay due attention to them.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Reservation, a loop hole in the process called admission,
Where the poor and deserving are ultimately filled with dejection.
They say it’s for the poor; it’s for the backward,
But in their name the rich and the powerful stamp them and move forward.
Is this the justice given to the poor and the needy?
Not at all, this is just a plot planned by the greedy.
They need money, they need power,
So in the name of caste, reservation was implemented by the clever.
I am not shouting against reservation,
But, I am for the reservation based on social and economical condition.
Awake country men; come forward to change the policy,
Let the downtrodden also have access to education, as it’s a democracy.
Let merit and means be the two categories,
Curtail the rest and stop the political atrocities.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Beautiful Moments

Beautiful moments are never made,
nor will they ever fade.
A silent nap, on my mother’s lap,
Will make me a child, with sorrows left behind.
A big hug, when you are in a trouble, deep dug.
Hand in hand walk with your loved one,
together watching the settling sun.
Seeing a baby smile, you forget your worries for a while.
Little Fingers holding yours,
wanting that moment to be for years.
Playing like a kid, when you have grown so big.
Enjoying with your little one, with so much of job left undone.
These moments are all beautiful which leaves your heart delightful.

I was in my own world

I am in my own world, happy and singing.
He steps into my world, with out me realizing.
My eyes refuse to see him,
But my heart yearns to be with him.
Days into weeks, weeks into months and months to years
There am sitting alone, with eyes full of tears.
Mind and heart battling and I am unable to decide
With confidence he says, why fear when I am by your side.
The love, the affection, the care.
Happiness and sadness equally we share.
Time was passing day by day.
We were so happy; I have no words to say.
One day, a storm hit my smooth life,
He left me, saying you can no more be my wife.
I cried and cried and cried
Finally the tears stopped coming as they had dried.
I wanted to ask him, why he left me with questions unanswered
But later felt, he did what ever his heart desired.
I was dull, I was dead
Thanks to my friends, upon who burdens I shed.
They supported, they motivated.
They told, life does not stop when you are rejected.
Move ahead, look forward.
Put the past behind, never look backward.
Still deep in my heart, I have secrets untold.
Why did he step in, when I was in my own world.